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Once scientist Charles Darwin had sad, "it is the strongest of species that survive nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change" this well-known theory is called as" survival of the fittest".

The Trust in the Year 2001 established Dr. Pt. S.S.L.. Sharma Ayurvedic Medical college is one of its remarkable mile Stone. became a great ray of for the people of Ratlam &  soon the need for its progress was felt. The Growth turned a demand that gave dirdth so many medical institution in this area.

As good work continues so vision is now shifted from patient - care Medical education. Ayurved College continued its journey of training the student in fundamental methodologies of Ayurved Principal & never looked back. enthusiasm & full of confidence to serve people around and brought laurels to the institution. The Quest for excellence didn't stop at this the desire to benign got the permission to start its post graduation course in three subjects. from 2010.

Our hospital is one of the important health landmark in the city . With 175 beds, it caters the need of the citizens of RATLAM and villages around RATLAM.

Free supply of medicines it more attractive. The hospital staff and physicians along with para medical workers work hard to be in the forefront of the service through Ayurveda. The P.G department in Three subject - one in Ayurveda Siddhanta and another in Kaya Chikitsa And Panchkarmaare also part of the academic centre of the institutionand engaed in research in diseases like dysentery, obesity, skin disease, neuromuscular diseases, jaundice, lifestyle disorders  is born to the society at large. 

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The college joined with C.C.I.M., New Delhi( Health & Family Welfare Department of India), Madhya Pradesh Govt. and Vikram University, Ujjain.

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